Learn Spanish in Santiago, Chile with COINED!

Spanish School in Santiago de Chile

COINED Spanish School in Chile invites you to get totally immersed in a new culture while you learn the language, surrounded by local people, local food, and local activities.

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Visit to La Chascona

One of our main activities is to visit one of Pablo Neruda’s houses: La Chascona, named after his wife. The house, turned into a museum, let’s you get in touch with the writers work, his way of life, and his way of thinking during the last years of his prolific life!

Visit Cerro San Cristobal

Right next to our school in central Santiago, you´ll find the mountain Cerro San Cristobal. The summit of the hill can be reached by foot, by car or by funicular, and from the observatory there you´ll get some of the best views of the city!

Visit a Vineyard

To come to Santiago means to come to the land of great wine. If you are here, you must visit one of our great local vineyards and taste our wonderful wine!

Visit Mercado Central

If you love seafood, and want to try the best fish in South America, you must visit Mercado Central, with all its variety in culinary arts from the Pacific Ocean. Typical dishes, typical food from Chile poh!

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