Upon completing the course, you will receive a certificate specifying the level reached and the number of hours studied. Aside from this, you will receive a progress report describing:

  • The topics studied in class.
  • The skills you reached throughout the class
  • Your teacher’s comments about your level
Als ich bei COINED ankam, konnte ich kein Spanisch sprechen und auch nicht verstehen. Es ist für mich wirklich überraschend, wie meine akademische Entwicklung und Fähigkeit der Sprache sich entwickelt hat. Die Schule arbeitet als Team :. jeder ist in dieser interkulturellen Erfahrung beteiligt, immer bereit zu helfen und Motiviert. Heute, während ich Lerne, fühle ich mich wohler und kann sagen, ich bin fast eine BRACHILENA ".
Izabela Rodriguez
Brasilianer, 49

Common European Framework of Reference (CERF)

Our curriculum and, therefore, our teaching plans are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) which sets the standard for all our Spanish Schools. The CEFR divides the learning process into 6 different levels ranging from A1 beginners up to C2 masters. 
This system validates your language ability and the qualification mode is widely understood by educators.


In COINED there are 6 different levels ranging from A1 beginners up to C2 masters.

  • Basic (A1): You will be given the tools to provide set phrases and small dialogues to introduce you into this new language.
  • Elementary (A2): You will be able to produce short sentences and create dialogues with your classmates.
  • Intermediate (B1): You will be able to recognize the situation you are in and act accordingly with the appropriate vocabulary and grammar structures.
  • High-Intermediate (B2): You will focus on being more accurate in your speech and provide well structured sentences about your personal opinion.
  • Advanced (C1): you will be able to make coherent and well structure paragraphs. Also, you will know how to fluently express yourself in different contexts.
  • Proficiency (C2): You will learn more vocabulary and grammar structures to be more accurate in the use of the language and you will improve your fluency.
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