Student's Activities

At COINED Santiago we have activities planned every week, including: trips to local museums, learning Cueca (Chile´s national dance) in a fun environment, tours of local vineyards, getting to know Pablo Neruda’s house LA CHASCONA, and going out dancing at popular parties with people from all over the world.

Visit to La Chascona
One of our main activities is to visit one of Pablo Neruda’s houses: La Chascona, named after his wife.
Visit Mercado Central
If you love seafood, and want to try the best fish in South America, you must visit Mercado Central, with all its variety in culinary arts from the Pacific Ocean.
Visit Valparaíso!
Valparaiso was the first commercial port in Chile and today is Patrimony of the Humanity, and the Cultural capital in the country.

School Activities

Cycling through Santiago!

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