• Communicative language teaching

    The communicative language teaching method focuses on interaction. We provide you with the tools to make yourself understood in everyday situations and also to have confidence in your Spanish! You will be constantly putting what you have learned into practice as you will be already immersed in the local culture. In class, you will:
    • practice the four basic skills (reading, writing, speaking, and listening).
    • complete grammar exercises in an innovative way.
    • put your knowledge into practice.
    • learn idiomatic phrases and set expressions.
    • study using the newest and best learning materials.
    • study subjects that interest you.
    • simulate real-life conversations.
“Meine Erfahrung in Santiago war unglaublich und das habe ich großteils COINDED zu verdanken. Sie haben mich seit meiner Ankunft, und zwar nicht nur im Unterricht,sondern auch in den außerschulischen Aktivitäten, permanent unterstützt.Bei allem was ich brauchte hat mir die Schule geholfen und mich informiert.Ich konnte in sehr kurzer Zeit das Spanisch Level erreichen, dass ich mir als gewünscht hatte.Mein Lehrer war hervorragend und hatte effiziente Lernmethoden.Ich kann COINED sehr empfehlen!”
Michelle Yoshie Yamasato
Brasil, 25

In the classroom

COINED lessons are carefully planned to fulfill your expectations. The teachers make their best for you to develop communicative competence in the four main skills.

Comfortable learning environment: A nice and welcoming atmosphere is created in order for you to feel safe and engaged in the activities and do not be ashamed of making mistakes. Most of the exercises are oral ones, so you must feel comfortable to be able to express yourself.

Language Practice: The best way to learn a language is to constantly put into practice what you have learnt in class. As you will be already immersed in the local culture, you will have the opportunity to test yourself in real conversations with the locals.

No other languages allowed: By only speaking in Spanish, you will be able to profit from the lessons. This is the time to make the most out of your experience, so try to use Spanish all the time!

Individual and group activities: In each class, you will be able to take part in both types of activities. Individual ones are planned for you to process the new information on your own and check if you have understood the topic. Group activities are generally to improve your speaking skills and learn by interacting with your classmates.

Homework: You will not have to do homework on a regular basis; however, on some occasions, you will be given extra activities to do at home in order to reinforce certain topics.